Which bun’s best?

Is it chocolate or is it traditional? You decide!

We’ll be handing out yummy tasters tomorrow and Saturday to those of you who are still on the fence.

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Hot vs Choc

Grace's Bakery Easter Hunt – Coming Soon!!!

For one day only (Day to be announced) in and around Ryde, Newport, Shanklin, Cowes & Yarmouth. A member of staff from each shop will be handing out vouchers for two delicious Hot Cross Buns – comprising our award winning Traditional and latest Choc-Chip Hot Cross Buns.

Now It would be too easy to ask in store…That’s why they will be roaming around town for you to find them.

So the challenge is to track them down!! I’m sure they will be quite easy to find!!!

Hot Cross Bun Hunt

Our Cakes went to Bristol

CakesLast week, some of our cakes travelled all the way to Bristol when one of our customers decided that they wanted to take Grace’sBakery tray bakes back with them to serve up at a speaker event at the University of Bristol. The attendees enjoyed some of our gooey chocolate chip fudge brownies, fluffy apple and toffee sponge, caramel slices, fruity flapjacks and sticky strawberry jam slices! CakesWe’re told that by the end of the event, they were completely cleared out. Obviously Bristolians are partial to a bit of cake!

If you fancy serving up some of our cakes at your do, then give any of our shops a ring and we can help you find the best treats for you!

What says & I love you & better than Red Velvet?

Jammy HeartRed Velvet CupcakeIt’s that time of year where card shops and supermarkets are stocking their shelves with hearts, fluffy bears and lots of pink things. Here at Grace’s, we think it’s the time of year for more cake. What says ‘I love you’ better than a soft and fluffy red velvet cupcake topped with vanilla icing? Sponge not your thing? Why not try one of our ‘jammy hearts’ made from delicious shortbread and dusted with icing sugar? Beautiful.

For 99p per cupcake and 65p per heart, you can’t go wrong. Happy Valentines!

Take-away prices only. For eat-in price please ask a member of staff. Subject to availability.